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Ramayana ballet is an art perfomance that is so beautiful, admiring and it is difficult to compare, This perfomance is able to unite various javanese art such as dance, drama and music traditional( Gamelan) one stage one momentum to present the ramayana story, Ramayana story presented in this perfomance is similar to that engraved on prambanan hindu’s temple, As people tell, Ramayana story that is engraved on the most beautifull hindu temple is similar to the story in oral tradition in india, the long and straining story is summarized in four secenes, Namely the kidnapping of shinta, Anoman’s mission to alengka, the death of kumbokarno or rahwana and the meeting of Rama and shinta, That is really nice story..

There are two place in jogja where ramayana ballet performed, The first is in purawisata jogjakarta, and the other place to see the ballet is the open stage and trimurti closed stage in the complex of prambanan temple,

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We have been driven around Java - Bali by Parlan during two weeks, and we enjoyed a lot his skills and dedication: The car was comfortable and clean, Parlan was always in time, happy and helping. On multiple occasions he also arranged for hostels and restaurants, and we were pleased with his selection. Last but not least, he climbed him minivan up the Kawah Ijen, on road in so bad condition that even 4x4 drivers were hesitating. He had taken advice from local acquaintances first, so he knew the best road at this particular time of the year, and we arrived safe at the volcano, Merci beaucoup
Alain Comment, Echirolles, France

Lors de notre séjour en Indonésie, Parlan nous a permis d’aller de Yogjà Denpasar , en passant par le mont Bromo, dans d’excellentes conditions , sur 3 jours . Nous avons trouvé un véhicule confortable et très propre, un chauffeur attentif au bien_être de ses passagers. Mais surtout, guide compétent et très disponible, parlant français. Parlan nous a fait découvrir des sites superbes, et évité tout soucis , comme de très bons hôtels , des guides locaux , etc. Ceci pour un tarif très intéressant, sous les prix du marché. De plus , nous avons trouvé un ami que nous recommandons et que nous retrouverons avec joie. Martine Jammes et Alain Jammes, Tarbes France


Email : Address : Jl. Solo km 12 Cupuwatu II RT 005/002 Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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